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9 nov 2010
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Puebla's gastronomy shows off its art of combining to perfection different ingredients, by creating textures and colors taken from the indigenous and spanish heritage and decorating it with a raband french influences.

Gastronomía poblana
Gastronomía poblana
Foto: Gobierno del Estado de Puebla / Terra Networks México S.A. de C.V.

The state is named as the cradle of corn, grain that transformed mankind and has been fed by it, for centuries. A huge variety of dishes, including the famous mole, come from different places of the state, like the North Mountains, the Mixteca and of course its Capital City.

Chalupas, verdolagas, tinga, pipián, maguey worms, romeritos, chanclas, cemitas, pambazos, pelonas, tamales and molotes just to mention a few, is a very good reason to visit Puebla.

It's recognized worldwide for its famous dishes, but the most important are with no doubt, mole poblano, chiles en nogada and the traditional sweets.

Mole is a traditional Mexican dish made originally by the hands of Sister Andrea de la Asuncion, dominicnun from the Santa Rosa convent. It combines the aroma and flavor of three kind of peppers, chocolat, cinnamon, peanuts, almonds, burned tortilla, bread and other ingredients, making it a delicacy of international fame.

Another typical recipeis chiles en nogada, that are stuffed with meat, covered with a white almond sauce and decorated with grain of pomegranate and parsley, ingredients that represent the Mexican flag. It's without a doubt a caprice better enjoyed in the month of august and september.

Puebla has great prestige in terms of cuisine, conquering more than one discerning palate, and where the trace of all the flavored history of Puebla can be appreciated.